Review Policy and Ratings

 RATING SYSTEM (Please Note, This Policy was Changed Since the Creation of the Blog).

When you sit around your coffee table with your friends, and discuss literature, you do not feel the need to shy away from an honest review. Since my aim is to make this blog as comfortable as visiting a favorite friend, neither do I.

The following is my terms and what they mean:

Buy It - This book was incredible. I found myself so enthralled with it that you not only need to read it, but read it multiple times. Don't question my authority, just buy it! (5-Star )
Read It - This book was great. You need to read it! The story may or may not be something I read again, but it's definitely something you need to read once. I'll let you decide if you need to buy it or not. (4-Star )
Borrow It - This book was good. I would suggest giving it a read. (3-Star)
Toss It - This book wasn't the best I've read. I wouldn't bother recommending you read it. (2-Star)
Burn It - Dear God, this an abominably to literature! Quick, burn it! Before it spreads its horror. (1-Star)

Note: I would never encourage anyone to actually burn a book either in the literal sense or the pirating sense. As well, I truly do believe that all literature is worth a chance. However, because I am passionate about writing/reading, I usually end up taking books to heart either in a positive or negative way. Please, remember that this is personal opinion and may not be your opinion. In which case, that is fine, and I strongly encourage you to write your differentiating opinion in the comment section, respectfully, so that other readers can see it. I try and point out why I loved or hated a novel, and if you do the same then a reader has better understanding of what they think they'll get from the novel. If you can't think critically, please don't read my blog. 

Should you interested in having me review your novel or children's book, please consider the following:
  • I am open to any genre of novel or children's books except for no religious fiction, no economics, financial, business non-fiction, no weight-loss non-fiction, and no memoirs.
  • I have a very open view on the world and do not conform, nor expect anyone else to, to any set of beliefs. Nor do I believe in soliciting my beliefs on others.  Please bear in mind that, although I find it admirable you are firm in your beliefs, I will not hesitate to review books on abortion, homosexuality, marriage, erotica, polygamy, drugs and/or other, sometimes, controversial subjects, but I will not review anything that discusses the workings or beliefs of religion - be it Catholicism or otherwise.
    • (Note: I have some reviews on religious fiction or non-fiction on this blog due to commitments I made before hand.) 
  • I am a firm believer in an honest review and promise to give a subjective one. Although the criticism may be harsh or overt against the literature it will never contain a personal attack against an author. I do give out positive and negative reviews!
  • I strongly prefer print novels as I don't have access to any epub or pdf reader at this time other than my computer - and reading books on that can become tedious. If it is not possible to offer a print copy, please contact me and I will see if it can be worked out.
  • If you are interested in contacting me for a book review you can do so at:

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