Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Home Front by Kristin Hannah

In 2012, in 3rd place for best fiction...

This books follows along the life story of one family as they struggle with their relationship with each other. This is further complicated by Jolene's departure to Iraq. In this novel we get to learn how war, life, and feelings affect us. Also, we get to experience hope and loss.

I have read multiple people say that they enjoyed her other book better:

I didn't read any of her other work, so I was able to go in this non-biased. That being said, whomever designs her book covers really needs some recognition. I love their use of color and imagery. I mean, seriously, look at this cover...
Or this one..

Okay, I'm done. This book was mostly surrounding the feelings of the two parents (but did touch on the children). I love how miscommunication is apparent to the reader, but not to the characters. We are aware that the way he thinks is not necessarily how she sees it - or vice verse - but they are not. It makes the characters real.

My issue with this novel is the little girl. I know, that sounds shallow, but her daughter is 4 years old. My son is 5 and he talks no where near this babyish. If anyone out there has a 4 year old that talks like this, let me know. Maybe my child just talks with as much attitude as he seems to have.

I do believe some characters give up too fast and others seem to develop (or grow) too quickly. Or, at least, without our being aware of it.

When I am done picking on this book, it comes down to being a moving "chick-lit" novel that is sure to show up in a book club near you - it actually probably already has and you can expect Fly Away to next. I bet you $5. No, seriously, $5 would be nice, newborns are expensive.

When it comes to Home Front?

Shut Up and Read It. 

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