Friday, May 24, 2013

Harbour Falls by S.R. Grey

This is the first novel in a trilogy about a mystery surrounding a small desolate community. Maddy Fitch is an author off to investigate for her first non-fiction novel surrounding a true crime disappearance. Unfortunately, the main suspect is Adam Ward - high school crush and sexiest man around.

This book has a very good set up for a mystery. In fact, the mystery in itself kept me up from when I picked it up at 10 until I finished it at 3 (oops). I remember an ex asking me once, how do you stay up for five hours reading? My answer was, "How do you not?" It's also nice to see some unanswered questions since this a continuing mystery.

The steamy dealings between Maddy and Adam were well written, as well. So, I guess it comes down to just a couple issues.
  1. The author adds a lot of foreshadowing. Pretty much at the end of every chapter since about chapter 4. It gets to be very distracting. I understanding foreshadowing  is important, but, perhaps, a little less. 
  2. There's some unexplainable things that just... irk me. Mostly, a scene in a plane where she is offered champagne. Most planes lock up all glassware and beverages before take off for safety, but maybe I just need to be on more private jets?
  3. If you, let's just say (this doesn't happen in the novel), had a friend that wanted to the Zoo and you knew that Zoo had a lion on the loose, but they really really wanted to meet their date there, wouldn't you just ask your date to meet you somewhere else?
If you don't get that third reference then read the book more closely.

All in all, S.R. Grey is sure to leave you questioning enough that you'll want to pick up Willow Point (released April 2013).

When it comes to Harbour Falls?

Shut Up and Read It.  

Note: I received this book free from the author. The review was my opinion and was not required to be a positive review. 


  1. Nice review! Yes, the all-nighter, its so easy to do when there's a good book in hand. Although, sometimes I'm disappointed that I couldn't savor it longer.

    New bloglovin' follower.

    1. Thanks a lot! Yes, I usually decide I love a book if I'm left disappointed that the story is over.