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Counterpart by K.J. Hunter: Review + Author Interview!

For twenty year old Maya Simmons, being a succubus wasn't much of a worry. It was when she needed to fulfill the demon inside her that annoyed her. The lifestyle of drugs, alcohol and sex wasn't one she bragged about, especially to the one guy she knew she could never have, Tristan James.

Much of Maya's college life consisted of flirting with Tristan, seeing Tristan, watching Tristan, but never once did she ever attempt to taste the empowering energy that consisted inside him. She wouldn't dare. It almost helped that he had a girlfriend.

But when a threat of Tristan's life comes into play, and a rogue succubus is out to kill, Maya must play detective with her fellow succubus and incubus, Melinda and Daniel, before it's too late. Not only does she need to find out who's killing people, but Maya needs to make sure no one finds out, especially Tristan, and especially the SIA.

Sometimes, secrets become too much to handle. And the one thing Maya always wanted may be within more reach than she thought.

But it could be too late, because the clock's ticking and the heartbeat's slowing.

Title – Counterpart
Author – K.J. Hunter-Brown
Series – Succubi & Incubi Assn.
Published – May 21, 2013
Cover DesignRedbird Designs

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No one really knows what they're going to be until they actually experiment different things. I did that, and now I know what I want to be.

I could say something like, "I've been writing since I was some young age" but that would be a lie. I have been reading since I was able to understand the word 'the'. So, it really all started when I read book after book, and then soon enough I had read so much books that even I was starting to get sucked into the fictional life.

On a cloudy day, I decided to write my first novel (I didn't really have anything else to do). The thing here is that I'm known to have a weird imagination, and I guess the first time I got told that, was the day I actually realized that I did. Which led me to putting my weird imagination on paper, turning it into a novel, and loving the fact that I actually did it. And had fun with it.

I was born and raised in New Zealand. (Yes, it's that little country beside Australia. No, it's not a part of Australia.) I dream big, and have family and friends that support me with each step I take. I spend a majority of my time reading, writing, watching Sci-Fi movies (I'm a nerd and proud!), listening to music, and going on an adventure with my characters (that's my favorite one). I am also a part-time reviewer on Step Into Fiction (That site totally rocks by the way.)

I believe that if you really want it, you can have it. I'm not saying it's going to be easy because it probably won't be. As for me, I'm excited to go on this journey and introduce everyone to the imagination that is mine, and weird.

What type of person should read your book?

I can’t really single out a certain type of person but anyone who really likes a quick, fun, and romantic stories. It really depends on people’s preferences. If they like the idea of protagonists that like to have fun and humor, then I’d suggest it to them.

How did the idea behind Counterpart develop?

Counterpart was actually an accidental idea that popped into my head half-way during my writing of another novel. As soon as the idea of it came, I paused the writing and proceeded to write Counterpart. After that, the story developed itself.

How did you prepare for this novel? 

I’m not the type of person to plan ahead when it comes to one book. I can’t stick to my own plan. I have scenes that play out in my head and I write them in my notebook. Usually, my memory serves me well during my writing process, so that’s usually how things go out. Other than that, I like my characters to tell the story. They end up telling it better than I do.

Which characters can we expect to see in the next book? 

We’ll definitely be seeing a lot of the crew from Counterpart: Maya, Tristan, Melinda, Daniel, and Ethan. But there will be more of Noah (Tristan’s best friend) and Jamie (Maya’s roommate). Plus, Maya will be coming face-to-face with her past.

Did any pop culture influence this story directly?

Not directly, but parts of the story were influenced by how society is today, well, how I see it.

If some unforeseen circumstances were destroying literature, which book would you save?

Does my book count? I don’t think there’s any other book that I love more than my own. Haha.

What are you reading?

At this very moment, I’m not reading anything. But I did just finish the Elemental series (the ones that are out) by Brigid Kemmerer, and I love them.

Tell us 3 things that we should know about you.

1. I am a sucker for chocolate, cheese, and gelato (not together).
2. I am not a sucker for chick-flicks or sappy romances. I tend to like a lot of… non-sappy moments. I’m more of an action/comedy girl.
3. If I’m not writing, I’m playing video games. It’s a reality that I’ve become accustomed too.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on another book that is paranormal/new adult and not a part of the SIA series, but I’m adding a lot more fantasy in this one. A lot of my imagination is going to into this.

 Finally! It's a book with a heavy romance scene with minimal overly-corny one liners. Okay, admitedly, there's a couple, but K.J. seems to mock herself over these, as well. 

This novel starts out pretty racy. Those of you that have conventional ideas about love will probably have trouble sticking with it, but ... I want to challenge you too. 

Once K.J. is able to set up the story plot, you're able to see a little more reasoning behind the racy beginning. If you have an open-mind, which is a very important attribute to current culture, then you might even come to an understanding of sorts.

Once the potentially shocking beginning is set up, you'll find yourself immersed in a fast-paced world filled with demons and romance. 

It's got some good action scenes, an interesting back-story, and the potential for an interesting continuation of the series.  

I found the characters were easy to like despite being a bit rough around the edges, but, hey, aren't we all. 

When it comes to Counterpart?

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