Sunday, May 12, 2013

Where We Belong by Emily Giffin

Coming in at 2nd place for best fiction of 2012:

This is a tricky one. I recently had a daughter from an unexpected relationship. The father and I decided to keep the baby and raise her together, but I cannot say that adoption didn't cross my mind. Due to that fact alone, I found a curiosity in this book. One, however, that sort of stung a little as I realized I could have walked a similar path.

Personal experience aside, I think Emily Giffin's writing has improved since she wrote her first novel.

Although she has a tendency to write novel's on a realistic note, I actually found this one her most unrealistic story yet. Mostly, I find it hard to believe that Conrad and Marian could pick up any sort of relationship, even if this was just hinted. I also acknowledge that Conrad must be a better character than most people I know, for forgiving her so suddenly.

Emily Giffin writes in two voices here. Which is tricky in itself. Especially since one is young and one old. I definitely think her adult voice was stronger, but she did a passable voice at an eighteen year old.

Although I do find a lot of Emily Giffin's characters superficial, I realize that a lot of people can be too.

All in all, I cannot say this is the 5-star series of literature that many reviewers see it ass, but, as far as chick lit goes, it's a lot stronger than many in the genre.

Still, I didn't feel swept in, or the need to go tell everyone to read this novel. It was "just okay."

Therefore, when it comes to Where We Belong? 

Go Ahead and Burn It.

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