Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fever Moon by Karen Marie Moning

In our 2012 best graphic novels & comics section at 6th place:

I haven't spent  a lot of time reading graphic novels lately. This one was illustrated by Al Rio. Al Rio is a stellar artist:

Which really gives this graphic novel a chance to shine. Unfortunately, he passed away before the completion of this graphic novel and Cliff Richards was left to take his place as illustrator:

This is his work as a pencil artist, by the way.
Obviously, he is out shadowed talent wise. Still, Cliff Richards had a hard task to meet up with following Al Rio. He did a pretty amazing job.

So, with the art work of this graphic novel being so strong, we're left to analyze the story line. I have never read the actual series this graphic novel is based off, but it seems okay. I doubt very much it would be better than this graphic novel.

It seems... Al Rio took a lit bit of magic to a mediocre story and made it shine.

Although, Karen Marie Moning gets 10 points just for creating the Unseelie. You would think there would be a photo of him somewhere, but there isn't. I guess everyone's too busy snapping photos of the men.

When it comes to Fever Moon?

Shut Up and Read It.  

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