Monday, May 13, 2013

A Mostly True Memoir by Jenny Lawson

And the winner of best humor novel of 2012:

I tried so hard... I never give up on books. Ever. It's not that Jenny Lawson doesn't have interesting stories. It's just that she is a horrible writer. That she rambles so incoherently that you forget what she's talking about half the time, that her story doesn't seem to have any sort of coherent flow at all, but instead just vomits itself onto the pages of a book, and that I'm pretty sure most of it was taken from her Blog. 

It's not that she's not funny, it's that she tries so hard to make a joke out of everything that she's trying to fit 5 jokes into every paragraph. It's okay that every sentence isn't funny, I promise. 

I actually read the first few chapters of this book and found it enjoyable and funny. Then she just... kept going. And the thing that is really frustrating is that every single one of her stories is dramatized enough that she can explain something as more interesting than it is. Which would be fine, if it was actually proving to be a story worth telling otherwise. 

Per example, she talks about getting stabbed by a chicken when, really, she just cut her finger on a piece of chicken breast.

All of this would be great as a once in a while story, a dinner time conversation, a daily blog read, but is absolutely horrible to read in a 300 page read of continuous rambling. 

So, I made it 220 pages in the book, and maybe that doesn't constitute a proper review for some of you, but that's as far as I can do it. I literally forced myself through the past 120 pages. Thank God it's over.

When it comes to Let's Pretend That Never Happened?

Go Ahead and Burn It.

Preferably before she publishes more unedited crap.

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